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Affect not as some do that bookish ambition to be stored with books and have well-furnished libraries, yet keep their heads empty of knowledge; to desire to have many books, and never to use them, is like a child that will have a candle burning by him all the while he is sleeping.

- Henry Peacham

NOT YET IMPLEMENTED. THIS TEXT TAKEN FROM OLD MANUAL. Any System Exclusive Librarian will probably be a separate program. A user could play a sysex file via a Trigger patch element.

The KeyMaster System Exclusive librarian is a simple (and simplistic) way to save System Exclusive messages to disk. It has few commands.

Receive waits for a System Exclusive message from any device and stores it into memory. If there is already a message in memory, receive asks you if you want to overwrite the message currently in memory or append the new message onto the end of the current one.

(multiples, based on manufacturer code and device ID?)

Note that this method of receiving System Exclusive message requires that you initiate the message yourself from the MIDI device (that is, you must press the "MIDI bulk dump" buttons yourself).

You might find it useful to use the MIDI programmable messages to send handshaking messages or other commands to a MIDI device.

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