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System Requirements
Making a Backup Copy
Starting KeyMaster
The MIDI Interface
Help! Where's Help?
What to Do First
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System Requirements

A computer running the BeOS.

Starting KeyMaster

Double-click on the KeyMaster Icon KeyMaster application icon or on any Data File Icon KeyMaster document icon, or drag and drop a document onto the application.

The MIDI Interface

KeyMaster works with the MIDI interface built in to your BeBox or attached to the serial port of your PowerPC.

Help! Where's Help?

You can open this on-line help at any time by selection "Help" from the main application menu.

Click on the keyboard icon at the top of each page to get back to the table of contents.

What to Do First

You should start out by entering information about your MIDI instruments. Open the list of instruments by selecting "Instruments" from the Window menu in almost any open window. Next, add an instrument description for each MIDI instrument you have connected to the MIDI ports. Do this by selecting "New Instrument" from the "Instruments" menu in the Instruments list window.

See list windows for more information on the instrument list window and Editing Instruments for how to enter information about your MIDI instruments.

After that, just try poking around and using the on-line help to see what's happening.

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