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Local Control On/Off
Substitute Program Change Numbers
Active Sensing Filter
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Local Control On/Off

Some MIDI controllers have the ability to "detach" their keyboards from the internal sound-generating hardware. In this state, playing the keyboard produces MIDI output, but no sound. Incoming MIDI data is still sent to the sound producing section of the device. Thus you can, for example, play a slave device from the keyboard while another device such as a sequencer plays the master controller.

MIDI provides a message for turning this feature on and off, called "Local Control". When Local Control is on, a keyboard's notes are sent to its own synth as well as generate MIDI output. This is the normal state of affairs. When Local Control is off, keyboard data is sent out to MIDI only.

Substitute Program Change Numbers

This command allows you to replace a program number with another one, either within a song or globally. NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.

Active Sensing Filter

Some MIDI devices send out an "active sensing" message every so often when they are not transmitting any other MIDI data. This can confuse or slow down some other MIDI devices. Turning the active sensing filter on tells KeyMaster to block any incoming active sensing messages from being sent out.

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