I’m writing Emacs Mastery: Attaining Coding Supremacy. I’m considering making it freely available on the Web. Please vist the book’s Leanpub page, review the table of contents there, and let me know what else you think the book should cover.

The Polyglot Programmer, a talk given to the Connecticut CTO Club in March of 2012 and again at a Brown Bag Talk at ideeli the next month. These are raw notes to myself, not a polished slide presentation.

The talk Ruby on Rails – An Introduction was given to the New York City CTO Club in July of 2006. Hint: hover your mouse over the lower right corner of the slides for a control panel.

Building Applications with Berkeley DB Java Edition appeared in the September 2004 issue of the Java Developer’s Journal. See below for a link to the code that accompanies the article.

Unit Testing with OCUnit was published on O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter on April 23, 2004. See below for a link to the code that accompanies the article. There are some comments from readers at the end of the article. The article was picked up by OSNews. An update to the article: the latest release of TestKit supports XCode.

The discusson/talk Alternate Data Storage Technologies was given to the New York City CTO Club on April 14, 2004. (HTML only.)

Introduction to Ruby for Mac OS X was originally published as the cover article in MacTech Magazine 19.3, March 2003.

A Ruby talk given to the New York City CTO Club on July 10, 2001. (HTML and PDF available.)

My blog Shiny Things has moved to a new home. I’ve decided to host it elsewhere for a few reasons. First, I’d like to allow comments. Second, I’d like it to be noticed. I’m vain. The posts that are here will remain here. I haven’t decided if I will copy some or all of the posts to the new location.

Bride of Dark and Stormy

This is one of two of my entries published in Bride of Dark and Stormy, the 1988 book of entries from the annual Bulwer-Litton Fiction Contest.

The alien stared at Captain Veronica Saunders with a warmth not unlike that found on certain of Pluto’s outer moons, its black, scaly claws flexing in and out, in and out, its long powerful tail wrapped unmercifully around her curvaceous chest, pinning her arms to her sides, its two-hundred piggy little eyes peering into her very soul with a singularly steady gaze, and it found itself wishing in some dim portion of its tiny brain that this one wouldn’t scream so much while being peeled.

That sentence was featured on the front page of a local California paper the same year. Contest founder Scott Rice sent me a copy of the front page, for which I am eternally grateful. I lost it, for which I am eternally pissed off.

I had originally written “…wouldn’t scream so much _whilst</i> being peeled,” but it was changed to “while” in the book. I prefer “whilst”, but then I do tend to be a touch sesquipedalian.


Here are links to the code that accompanies some of my writings.