Occasionally movies, TV shows, and ads are filmed around where I work in NYC. I’ve never seen a “star”, but I often see the food trailers and office trailers and once or twice I’ve seen locations with cameras and lights—no action yet, though.

For a few weeks last fall, an extras tent was set up on the street where I work. The costumes on the extras were really cool: modern, colorful versions of ’30s suits and dresses.

Today I saw a catering setup. Nothing odd about that. What was odd was the sign hand-written on a whiteboard attached to the food truck: “Welcome, Star Ship Dave”. I can’t help chuckling every time I think of that title. Whether or not it’s a working title, it’s got me wondering. Who is Dave? Is it the ship?

Perhaps it’s a Dave we know already: David Hasselhoff, Dave Chapelle, David Letterman, Dave Barry, or David Bowie. (Nah, not Bowie—some Davids are always “David”, never “Dave”.)

Perhaps I’ll brave the 90-degree heat today and venture outside in a while. I want to see what the costumes look like.